Colorants for DiY and for retailers

Available ColorsSuperconcentrated universal colorants, suitable for colouring water-based paints, transparent varnishes (water or solvent borne), water and solvent stainers, white spirit based enamels. They have a high tinting strength, hence a little quantity is needed to obtain dark colours, the exact shade depends on the quality of the host product.

It is advisable not to exceed the addiction of 7% to avoid compromising the original property of base paint. All the tints are intermixable.
They have a shelf stability, they do not dry, they do not form skin and their typical thickness permit a drop wise addiction.
They are stable under varying storage conditions of temperatures.

We propose 20 standard colors and different packages from 40 ml to 500 ml. We can also choose with our customers other tints and shades, in according to their market.


Colorants/toners for decorative products

Colorants/toners for decorative productsThe colorants/toners for decorative paints are specially formulated in order to reproduce in easy way the color chart of decorative products.

Since many years Ucic Decolab studies and customizes colorants/toners for paints companies.
We can study a wide range of colorants/toners to tint any kind of decorative products.

We develop together with our customers packages sizes, labels, etc.
We can also study and personalize for paints companies color chart of decorative paints.