Ucic - The Company

UCIC Company was established in 1925 in the center of Asti, from an idea of Aldo Pronzato: the Company started to build its own corporate identity on production of coloured earths and oxides for the narrow local market.
In 1938 the Company changes its headquarters and moves to Strada Valmanera.

In the ‘50s, Aldo’s sons entered into business with him. It’s the turning point based on production of universal colorants, water-based acrylic paints, acrylic colors. UCIC Company widens its sales to whole Italy and abroad, and reaches an important position in its field within only a few years.
Even in far 1955, in its chemical laboratory, the first range of fluorescent and phosphorescent colours had been developed.

In the ‘90s also the third generation joined UCIC. Thanks to a continuous research of finest raw materials and the utmost attention to formulation of innovative products, UCIC is quite different from other traditional colour manufacturers.
Products for the building field are constantly manufactured, as well as big attention is paid to new decorative products like glazes, textured paints, metallescent or pearlescent colours, special effect paints .

In 2008, the trade mark CASAITALIA was created for the Decorative line.
In 2009 UCIC has focused on customizing products and packaging for other manufacturers request.
In 2013 the trade mark UCICDECOLAB was created for paint manufacturers.

A technologically advanced research laboratory, well-tested formulations, strictly controlled production processes, an effective custom-oriented trading organization are the components of a very modern company ready to face the challenges of the third millennium.

Ucic - History of the company Ucic - History of the company