Topcoat Varnishes

A wide range of topcoat varnishes to obtain various effects on different supports.

Trasparent for wood

Water-based transparent acrylic colors formulated as primers or finishing coats for any raw wood support: match boardings, drawer sets, frames, furnishing items, objects.


Clear acrylic glue, resistant and elastic, suited for decoupage, cartonnage, applications on wood, paper, cardboard, terracotta, plaster, glass, metal, plastic.


For the preparation of wide range of surfaces as paper, cardboard, gypsum, wood, terracotta, masonite, fabrics and cloth.


Mediums are used to create an even wider variety of techniques and effects, either matt or gloss, to prevent overthinning and to change their consistency.

Glitter Acrylic Colors

Ready to use acrylic colors containing glitters, suitable for any support, they can be used to embellish any material used in craft works or wall decorations.

Interference Acrylic Colors

Transparent interference acrylic colors, they turn into different tonalities as the perspective of light changes. They are suitable for fine arts, craft works and wall decorations.

Fluorescent Acrylic Colors

Acrylic fluorescent and phosphorescent colors for scenographies, design, fine arts, school usage, writings, advertising, fabrics and T-shirts, interior decorations of public places or discos.

Metallic Acrylic Colors

Acrylic colors which reproduce the look of real metals, suitable also for outdoor use. They are suitable for fine arts, craft works, fabric decorations, wall decorations.

Pearlescent Acrylic Colors

Acrylic colors with pastel tints and pearlescent sparkling effect for fine arts and craft works, decoration on fabrics and cloth, wall decorations.